Honor & Shame in 1 Peter

Our friend recently wrote a paraphrase (like a translation, but not quite) of the book of 1 Peter. He does an awesome job capturing the honor/shame dynamics (“What is that?!” Explanation here) in the book and providing some great cultural context for us 21st-century Westerners–so far separated from the original writers and audiences of the Bible. You can get this resource here:


There are lots of other great, free resources at that website as well.

Now on to the HSP (“Honor-Shame Paraphrase”) version of 1 Peter:

It starts with a letter from a fictional church leader in Asia Minor who is writing to Peter. I love this idea and am so glad he included this as part of the paraphrase. The point of the (fictitious) letter is to provide the cultural backdrop to Peter’s (canonical) letter. What problems is Peter addressing? What are the believers experiencing that causes Peter to even write a letter? This letter from “Diosymus” clues us in.

Then is the paraphrase of 1 Peter. Great stuff, take a peek at a portion of it on the website above.

Then he follows it up with another letter from “Diosymus,” describing the church’s reaction to Peter’s letter. What did the church learn from it? How did it apply to their context? This is something of a “theological digest” of what the original audience of 1 Peter may have drawn from his letter.

The PDF finishes with an outline of the structure of 1 Peter — but from an Honor/Shame paradigm. What a great idea.

I am excited about this and am assuming my friend is going to do more books of the Bible like this. Looking forward to them.

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